Create an account via, this way you are immediately registered at our company and you will receive an invitation to visit us for a Time2Meet a few days later.

You can sign up during the whole year to work for us during the summer. 

Flexi-jobs are meant for people who already have a job but want to earn some extra money. You need to have a 4/5 contract with another employer and need to work there full-time (or 4/5) for already 3 quarters. If you do not meet these terms, you can still work for First In Line, but under a different statue.

No, you are not obliged. You can choose yourself at which events you want to work and when.

We organise catering coaching, bar coaching and soon we will also provide a specific Bar Manager trajectory and Hostess training.

This is possible! We need lots of our First in Line staff to work at festivals and events during the summer.

As a student at First In Line, you receive 12.67 euros an hour. As a flexi-job, you receive 10.91 euros an hour.

Yes you can do this. We already had various interns in the past who successfully completed their formation at our company. Fill in the contact form and let us know who you are, what you do, what you study and for how long. Afterwards, we will love to have a look at what we can do for you and we let you know as fast as possible.

We love it when you’re already experienced, but we provide the necessary coaching sessions to teach you everything.

No problem if the next Time2Meet doesn’t fit into your schedule, we organise these meetings at a weekly basis. You will receive a new invitation each week until there’s a moment that suits you. We try to arrange the meeting moments at different times in a way everyone gets the chance to come and visit us.

After some small events, like a reception or a party at Vooruit,... you will get paid after 2 weeks. For large events, like Cirque Magique,... this might take 4 to 6 weeks.

This is not an obligation, but when you want to be a part of the catering crew, we advise you to have a white shirt and a black pants.

The Time2Meet is a meeting moment in small groups between you and First In Line. First, we present First In Line, our customers, some previous tasks, what we expect from you and what you can expect from us. We finish with a short, personal meeting interview in a way you can tell us your preferences for the assignments.

This depends on the event. For the events organized in Ghent, we expect everyone to be in Ghent. Those who have to do a longer distance, will receive a one way remuneration from us. For larger events, we always arrange a carpool plan. When you’re the driver (and you take your colleagues with you), you will receive a complete remuneration from us (outward and return journey) or a flat-rate amount. You have to read your briefing very carefully, since we always mention this in the briefing. Calculation: one way remuneration: 0.25 x number of km’s outward. Complete remuneration: 0.25 x number of km’s outward and return journey.

For example, if you work 4/5 and you’re at home 1/5 because of parental leave, you can’t work with a flexi-job. Since you already receive a benefit allowance. The RVA will consider this a violation and you’reat risk to lose your benefit allowance for your parental leave. Aren’t you sure about your personal situation? Contact your local RVA office.

No, all our events are in the meantime spread throughout Flanders.